How To Transport Your Sports Car Overseas

sport car transport

When shipping your car overseas there are a few service options that you could pick from. The first one is container service, roll on roll off service and lately air shipping. The first two are shipping by ship from one continent to another while the other is by air.

When shipping your vehicle by sea, there are two options available to you. You could send using a container, which is where you have your sports car’s container then it is loaded on a ship then transported to the chosen destination. This is by no means an easy task. Your local moving company wouldn’t be able to help you out with this one. The second option is the roll-on roll-off service this process involves having your vehicle driven up a ramp into the boat and then parked on the deck next to other vehicles until it reaches your chosen destination.

What costs are included?

When shipping your vehicle from the United States to Europe, the price will start from around seven hundred and fifty dollars to two thousand for a large-sized car. The weight and volume are taken into consideration when shipping and that includes vehicles.

If you opt to ship using a container a twenty-foot container will cost three thousand two hundred dollars, to ship a forty foot container will cost four thousand six hundred dollars. A forty foot container can hold forty-seven thousand pounds. You can also send some household items in the container at the same cost which could save you some money.

What paperwork do you need?

These are the typical documents that you would need to transport your vehicle by sea.

  • copy of your passport
  • Original title
  • copy of the bill of sale

You may need some extra documents that may include a notarized power of attorney and in some cases, you may find that you need an import approval.

Have Your Car Inspected

You should make sure that you fill out an inspection report that will detail the exact condition of the vehicle. Also, make sure you include some photos in your report. This will allow you to be in a position to lodge a claim if the vehicle is damaged in one way or another.


The price of shipping your car by sea will be cheaper in comparison to air shipping. Roll on roll off is the cheapest of all transport methods but it exposes your vehicle to more damage, from the sun and other natural elements as well.

If you opt to use the roll on and roll off fewer things will need to be taken from the vehicle as the car will need not be in working condition to be driven on and off the sea. If you are shipping by contained some things like gasoline and battery may need to be taken out for safety reasons and the same applies for air shipping meaning that it would take some time even after your car arrives to get it back to an operational condition.


Shipping your car by sea can take a very long time. It could take many months for your car to reach the intended destination

Shipping by sea has its safety risks; your car could get lost at sea. Shipping by sea opens up your vehicle to many dangers like high tides that can lead to the container getting lost if not appropriately secured. You should, therefore, take steps to make sure that your vehicle is protected and will arrive safely

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