How To Tow A Brand New Sports Car

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There are different ways of towing a car for you to choose from. If you need your car towed to the location of your choice, you can choose either an inexpensive method or a costly one. Hook & Chain Tow Trucks can tow your car or any other cargo that you need to be transported. The method is relatively cheap; however, it is outdated because it exposes your car to a greater risk of being damaged. It is mostly used to transport wrecked cars to junkyards. Another inexpensive method is the Wheel-Lift Tow Truck. It uses a similar mechanism as the Hook & Chain Tow Truck but uses a metal yoke rather than chains. It is better than the latter approach because it exposes the towed vehicle to lesser damage. I wouldn’t advise anyone to use any of the two methods to tow a sports car.

How to Tow a Sports Car 

Luxury sports cars comprise of two seats & two doors. They are meant for the owner to enjoy their beauty besides acceleration. For that reason, they are unique and their quality must be maintained during transportation. Most racing car owners prefer having their cars delivered to their destinations whether over a long distance or to auto shows in their original condition. Transporting race a new sports cars is not a matter of how expensive the services are but the safety element. A Flatbed Truck is the best way to tow a brand new racing car.
Flat-bed Tow Truck

This is the most common car towing method today. A flatbed truck uses a long empty bed with some flat top. The flatbed can move upwards & downwards using a hydraulic lift. The car is easily and safely driven up the ramp or even pulled up using an automated winch. Flatbed towing minimizes the risk of damage during transportation. There is no wear and tear since your race car wheels are not in contact with the road. This also protects the transmission engine parts, as well as other systems from damage. It even reduces any chances of accidents that the towed car could cause by swaying across the road endangering itself, other motorists, and pedestrians. Another advantage of using flatbed truck is the reduced insurance costs given that flatbed trucks are regarded safer.

Other important factors to consider 

Having the wheels of your sports car not rolling against the road does not mean that the car is 100 percent safe. The road is unpredictable and accidents occur and cause damage even when they are not proximate. Make sure that your car is towed in an enclosed trailer. An open trailer can save you some cash, however, not the best for expensive vehicles. An enclosed trailer provides more protection from unseen occurrences, heat, rain, snow, hail, and hair among other things. Again, know in advance how loading and unloading the car in and off the truck will happen: will they use traditional ramps or a hydraulic lift? For a sports car with some low ground clearance, a low ground loading facility should be used. One more thing, it is always important to be present during the loading and unloading of your sports car from the truck whenever possible.
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